Corporate Team Building

Knife-to-Knife Challenge 

American Uriilogical Association Team Building Building Teamwork through Cooking 

Two (or more)  teams battle it out, Iron Chef style, using the pre-chosen ingredients du jour, while a very opinionated chef  panel judges best-of-the-best based on taste, presentation and teamwork.

Even if participants’ cooking skills are limited to nothing more than pushing a few buttons on a microwave, they will find a Culinary Team Building event both fun and educational. Our clients are continually amazed at the quality and presentation of the gourmet meals they create without any previous cooking experience!

A day in the kitchen begins with participants arriving and wondering what they will be doing for the next few hours. Chef Thomas will begin the program with a brief but important orientation of the activity, including safety and basic knife skills.

The group is then formed into teams, either by us or by you beforehand. Each team chooses a team leader, or "chef de cuisine" and “sous chef”. Each group is given the same “mystery basket” of ingredients and is tasked with creating a finished meal from its contents.  For a Knife-to-Knife Challenge, we will provide the dessert.

This activity is competitive, and teams are judged based on best tasting food, best food presentation, and best use of resources (e.g., who creates the least amount of waste, who retains the most amount of "Gourmet Bucks" – currency used to purchase food consultation and equipment), and best teamwork.

 Iron Chef Cook-OffThe Knife-to-Knife Challenge is best suited for :
• Company teams wanting to stimulate creativity and innovation
• Groups who have enjoyed the Passion Plate or Ambrosial Appetizers and want more of a challenge
• Executive teams executing strategic planning

Some mystery basket choices are:

  • Shrimp; Whole Chicken; Assorted vegetables & starches
  • Pork Tenderloin; Chicken Breasts; Assorted vegetables & starches
  • Salmon  Filets / Whole Trout; Feta Cheese; Assorted vegetables & starches
  • Flank Steak; Shrimp; Assorted vegetables & starches

The Knife-to-Knife Challenge is priced from $110 per person.
All prices are inclusive of food, staff, and non-alcoholic beverages.

For more information or to schedule your team’s event, call Chef Thomas at 443-865-0630, or e-mail your questions