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"My father Gene and I took your class this past winter. I really got a lot out of the class and have made sauteed chicken with the pan sauce several times for the family. The knife skills learned in your How to Think like a Chef series have been very helpful.  Last night, my family ate at Volt in Frederick (the restaurant owned and operated by Brian from the last season of Top Chef), and taking your class made me appreciate the skills involved so much more. Both dad and I are convinced that you should try out for the next season of Top Chef! I hope all is well and I'm hoping to take another class next summer! Dad also sends his best! - Grant H.

"I just wanted to let you know that Ron and I had a blast last night at the sushi class. It was enlightening, educational and down right fun, not to mention a great value for the money.  Now I just have to be able to cook the rice! I just wanted to let you know we loved it, will highly recommend it to friends and thank you.  -Leslie G.

"I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful class last night.  The leftover sushi was a huge hit with my husband when I got home.  


I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of your class and your amazing kitchen set up.  You definitely have a love of food and cooking that is quite infectious.  Your advice, your tips, your humor and your reminder to experiment has left me empowered and more confident taking on the art of sushi-making and my culinary skills in general. 


Thanks again and Bon Appetit!" -Amanda



"Thank you for a wonderful class on Thursday evening. I can’t wait to try the recipes out on my family!"  -Kristin K.

“I wanted to write to tell you how marvelous the food was. Truly, I have never been to a party where the people bragged so much on the food. It was divine, and I gave your card to several people!”  -Lyn P.

"Your down-to-earth approach to the class and your own personal unpretentious personality and attitude toward cooking were extremely refreshing"  -Vince C.

"You made us all feel comfortable and you made the dinner (which on paper looked intimidating) seem doable for even the least gourmand among us."  -Ashleigh C.

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience last night. Class was delightful. The food was delicious, and I learned a lot of good information."  -Toni C.

"Just wanted you to know we had a fabulous time... It was a very memorable evening that will be talked about for a long, long time. Tina's fiancé even told me yesterday that she thought it was a great time and the perfect Bachelorette Party!" - Sammie A.

"I really enjoyed the Corn & Tomatoes class last night. All the recipes were delicious and easy to prepare. I entertain and cook a lot and like the challenge of a new recipe. The corn fritters and tomato tart will be on the menu for the weekend." - Denise A.

"I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful 'experience'. I was going to thank you for the 'dinner', but it was much much more than that! We had a wonderful time from beginning to end and enjoyed the uniqueness of it all. Thank you for taking care of us from soup to nuts....I mean...crab cakes to chocolate mousse! Everything was incredibly delicious! I hope to do another Gourmet Get-Together with some other friends to enjoy the fun again and hopefully learn a new menu. Thank you for the special touches and thoughtfulness you put into making our celebration even better." -Lisa B.

"I always say that cooking is an act of love that I don't do for just anybody. The same could be said for teaching. You both cooked for and taught me last Wednesday. I am so grateful, have already put so much of what I learned into action." -Dusty L.

“…[the cooking party] was so much fun – and you had so many awesome cooking tips! Thanks again for all of your help. I will definitely keep you tucked away in the back of my mind for future parties!!” -Sonia M.

“The [How to Think Like A Chef] course was wonderful. I feel a lot more confident in the kitchen. I thoroughly enjoyed it!” -Bill O.